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Metal roofing has been a popular choice for non-residential buildings for a long time, and when they hear of metal roofing, many people immediately think of barn roofs, farm buildings and other commercial buildings. Metal roofing is available on the work site in either pre-formed panels or panels that can be cut and made. It enables a level of flexibility to ensure that the specific features of each home are addressed. While the most popular choice for residential purposes are standing seam roofs, some forms of metal roofing have exposed fasteners. Metal has become more flexible and more powerful than ever before with the continuous development of roofing engineering. When properly constructed with the right sub-roof materials, metal roofs do not make more noise during the rain than a shingle roof does. Metal roofs are more costly up front than shingle roofs with asphalt, but they pay for themselves as they are low-maintenance and longer-lasting.

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Let Metal Roofing share some perspective on metal roofing prices. We will show you that while it may cost more than building concrete roofs, it is actually much less expensive in the life of your home and in the long run can save you a lot of money. While your neighbors can re-roof their home many times, a high-quality metal roof is probably the last roof you’ll ever need. We are proud of our work as one of Spring’s leading business and residential metal roofing contractors. Together with snow, hail and strong winds, the sun could melt shingles and expose your roof. Wilmington Metal Roofing is the business that gets the job done right. As a small business, we can communicate better with our customers and develop 1-on-1 relationships to ensure your satisfaction with all of your roofing needs. We have no high overhead or contract distributors that can normally inflate the bottom line. We prefer to pass these savings on to our customers. Through keeping our overhead to a minimum, we are able to provide premium quality metal roofing— excellent standing seam installation at an incredibly low price!We use these items because of the value they bring –they are initially more costly, but last much longer than lower-cost metal panels and are less likely to be damaged in storms. Nevertheless, they preserve their color and beauty for many, many years.Wilmington Metal Roofing Roofing of Houston, Inc. is able to offer lifetime service warranties on our metal roofs due to the quality of these products and the rigorous construction methods our workers use.

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