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Sarasota Tile installers have earned a reputation as one of the top countertop and flooring firms. Our mission is to supply our customers with top quality products and installation. By innovation and consistent performance, we are constantly improving. Our mission is to deliver top quality products and installation to our customers. By innovation and consistent performance, we are constantly improving. We provide residential, industrial and construction professionals with premium tile products and services. For your residential or commercial property, we offer a wide selection of high-quality granite and marble countertops. We respect efficiency and speed and promise you with the highest quality in mind that your plan will be completed.
With over a decade of remodelling experience, our experts have the ability to restore your Houston home to the exact way you want it to be. Our facilities include Large Thin Porcelain Tile, Large Scale Tile, Mechanical Lippage Tuning System, Shower Pan Installation, Moisture Remediation, Concrete Resurfacer, Restaurant and Repair, Epoxy Grouting, Maintenance and Repair Work, and more.

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Warranty Products with Technical Written Warranty, While we are specialized in remodelling projects in the bathroom, we offer installation of interior and exterior tiles to completely transform any area.
Whether you need an outdoor kitchen tile installation or a bathroom remodelling design, Texas Tile Works has the resources and experience to get the job done right. Call us today to discuss your plan. Whether you want to replace an old laminate floor, install a backsplash or create a unique design on your shower wall, tile is a long-lasting choice that adds value to your home. There are great options for both stone and ceramic tiles, but their installation should be left to a skilled professional. A team of experienced project managers oversee our assured construction work to ensure that each assignment meets validated protocols defined to safeguard the performance as well as the reliability with which TTS stands by.
Sarasota Tile Installers provides a wide selection of high-quality granite and marble countertops for your residential or commercial estateā€¦ Sarasota Tile Installers have a wide selection of Hardwood and Tile Flooring available to residential and commercial property owners.

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