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Concrete pavers will turn the exterior space of your Chicago, IL home, into a beautiful living outdoor space that brings your family and friends together. Whether you are renovating your patio, building an outdoor cooking area, or paving an entire driveway, you will need high-quality products that provide an unparalleled mix of durability and elegance. The product line that really distinguishes us from other manufacturers is our Unlock Select TM pavers. Such driveways, walkways and patio pavers are built with technologies such as an EasyCleanTM stain resistance shield, UltimaTM engineering for up to four times the strength of poured concrete, and RealaTM surface designs for the realistic appearance of natural stones with new and ever-changing items from our suppliers, we must ensure that performance samples, fresh literature and pictures are given. Pavers Guys will also provide “work in progress” visits to the outdoor show and visits at any time to ensure proper product choice and proper installation. We will also give you a full 3D rendering of Hardscape and Landscape colour of your project. Pavers Guys wants you to enjoy the full benefits of your Belgard or Unilock project, whether there is a small walkway, a large driveway or a complete landscape project in your hard-scape investment. For the most part, brick pavers do not need maintenance. Concrete pavers are relatively easier to maintain compared to other alternatives, such as poured concrete and asphalt. Cleaning concrete pavers in Chicago, Illinois, requires sweeping and rinsing. You can use a garden sleeve with cleaning solutions to get rid of dust and dirt.

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You may simply remove the weeds with overgrown weeds and lift a paver in order to destroy the roots. Pavers Guys. is a family-owned hard-scape company that provides professional services throughout the Chicagoland area for homeowners and businesses. When it comes to paver colors, choose the one that fits the look of your home and landscape design. Get expert advice on your backyard plan from experts for the best results. Pavers Guys is a landscaping business offering a wide range of goods and services of high quality. We are committed to helping individuals develop their outdoor living spaces. The Pavers Guys will take on large projects that can not be done by a regular supply business. Through logistics, material delivery, and procedures, our experts will help you deliver the best results. All Unilock pieces are colorfast, resistant to slip and can withstand harsh weather regardless of which patio pavers you pick.

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